I only ever get emotionally attached to guys who are in relationships or married, i just kinda realized its probably because i wont feel so rejected that they dont like me because theyre already in a relationship. Im gradually accepting that i will most likely always be alone, and hopefully eventually i will stop developing emotional attachments with people

anytime i have any amount of feelings for any guy i gradually begin to hate myself more because i can’t do anything about my feelings because everyone is out of league and no guys that im interested in will ever want to be with someone as annoying and fat and ugly as me lol

i’m loud, annoying, bitchy, lazy, stupid, drop out, know it all, i can’t properly form thoughts into words like 73%, im weird, i get overly obsessed with things, i’m ugly, i’m obese, i’m disgusting, idk if it’s my imagination but i think i smell really bad, i have a drug problem, i’m a glutton, fat ugly disgusting annoying pig bitch fuck fuck fUCK like i want to fucking change but i’m lazy as fuck and thats a big fucking list and a lot of fucking effort for shits sake i hate myself why did i let myself become this fucked? no one will ever want to stay friends with me, i’m never going to get married (like no one will EVER look at me and want to spend the rest of their life with me, or even in any romantic way at all because i’m fucking disgusting), not to mention i’m socially awkward so i’m always saying the wrong thing and getting awkward and saying and doing stupid shit, for fucks sake i just wish i would get hit by a fucking bus or something i’m so fucking useless i’d be doing the world a fucking favour probably like i really don’t want to be here any more i fucked myself over so hard

i wish i wasn’t fat like i hate being fat but im such a useless fat fucking bitch i can’t lose weight for shit i hate myself fuck FUCK




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I’m sorry - not my usual stuff - but this is incredibly important. Please share around. It could save someone’s life.

the more times i watch frozen the more random questions pop into my head like where was elsa going to sleep at the ice palace? did she make an ice bed? but that would be really uncomfortable ?? did she make a whole shit ton of  ice furniture?? 

i will never understand people who mix tobacco with weed all the time 

"People tell stories to cope with their fears. All art and myths are just creations to give us a sense of control over things we’re scared of." - Pilot (1x01)

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i get frustrated when i dont get a joke that has like 200k notes like what is it that 200,000 people understand that i dont