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I’m sorry - not my usual stuff - but this is incredibly important. Please share around. It could save someone’s life.

the more times i watch frozen the more random questions pop into my head like where was elsa going to sleep at the ice palace? did she make an ice bed? but that would be really uncomfortable ?? did she make a whole shit ton of  ice furniture?? 

i will never understand people who mix tobacco with weed all the time 

"People tell stories to cope with their fears. All art and myths are just creations to give us a sense of control over things we’re scared of." - Pilot (1x01)

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i get frustrated when i dont get a joke that has like 200k notes like what is it that 200,000 people understand that i dont 

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 What’s the oldest person who’s asked you to do that (call people bitch)?
She was probably pushing a good 90, 95. I’m not even kidding! This woman comes up to me, and she’s like “Oh my god, I love you so much!”. And she’s very old, very frail. Very frail.

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